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  • Dean Cruchfield: the business of service innovation


    Dean Crutchfield explains the secrets of making service innovation a business success - and how to deal with c-suite executives who are afraid of innovation…

    By Adam Tinworth

  • The great partners of NEXT Service Design 2013


    Today we’d like to introduce our partners to you, and say a big “Thank You” to one and all.

    By Xenia Stubbe

  • Julia Leihener

    Ideation Design Manager, Deutsche Telekom

  • Why Digital Service Design matters


    For the second year running NEXT is running a conference on Service Design - why does this concept matter so much to the digital industry?

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Call for Digital Cases is starting today!


    SinnerSchrader is organising the second NEXT Service Design conference! This year we will focus on digital cases and innovative best practice examples. Do you want to be involved in the NEXT SD 2013? Apply now to present your innovative self-developed digital case live on September 16 at Radialsystem V in Berlin!

    By Xenia Stubbe

  • Join NEXT Service Design 2013


    Join the international crowd at NEXT Service Design 2013, where designers, marketing strategists, business as well as front-end developers and academic experts from all around Europe will discuss the future of digital services. Secure your personal 2-for-1 voucher now!

    By Xenia Stubbe

  • Ignite Talks at NEXT Service Design


    We wanted the NEXT Service Design not to end with everybody going home after the last keynote. Instead, we wanted the service design community to have the opportunity to go on stage and share their inspiring ideas. So, the conference concluded with eight short & crips Ignite Talks: –…

    By Marina Lenz

  • The Hero with a Thousand Faces


    According to Louisa Heinrich, the best services are those that allow us to tell our stories. And the next challenge in design is based on the fact that more and more objects are connected. The amount of data available about all of us and our environment is growing tremendously. But what to do with this data?

  • The Air We Breathe


    The borders between the physical and digital world are blurring - and design is the key to making sense of our everchanging chaotic environment. At NEXT Service Design Sami Niemelä (Nordkapp) explained why.

  • Some NEXT Service Design Follow-up


    Some follow-up links to last month's NEXT Service Design conference in Berlin

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Lean Services: the new Context, the new Audience


    Both the needs of customers and the context in which companies operate have changed dramatically. In this video Paul Sims (Made by Many) explains how lean, agile and service design concepts help to adjust to these developments.

  • A Facebook for Things – Turning Physical Products into Digital Information Services


    “If you think there’s already a lot of communication on the Internet today, just wait until things start talking,” Andy Hobsbawm comments. At NEXT Service Design he showed what the Internet of Things means for intelligent service design.

  • Service Design – Buzzword or Magic Method?


    At NEXT Service Design Pia Betton discussed whether service design is really providing sustainable value, or is limited to only a few use cases: buzzword or magic method?

  • The Design in Service Design


    A true evangelist of innovation methodology, Lisa Lindström, the Managing Director of the Swedish design consultancy Doberman, is one of the stars in service design.

  • How lean and service design methods can create innovative, digital products


    Companies have to face the challenge of how to develop a sustainable business model that provides for ongoing economic and societal changes. Service design is one possible approach to do so, as Magnus Christensson explained at NEXT Service Design.

  • Strategy is a Service! What business leadership can learn from service design.


    “There are no recipes in here, you have to cook up your own.” So said Alexander Baumgardt (Systemic Partners) as he started his talk at NEXT Service Design.

  • Service-Dominant Strategic Orientation is King in Agencies’ Business Logic


    Could service design thinking be the key to a better agency – and better business? At NEXT Service Design in autumn 2012, Axel Averdung and Erik E. Groeneveld of SinnerSchrader discussed recent developments in the field.

    By Ina Feistritzer

  • NEXT Service Design: Blogosphere Reactions


    Links to the posts from attendees of NEXT Service Design - and the lessons they took away.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • The Ignite Talks – eight takes on service design


    Eight five minute talks about every subject under the service design sun…

    By Adam Tinworth

  • David Bausola – infomorphic beings and the post-human internet


    51% of the traffic on the internet is now non-human. David Bausola is unleashing informorphic beings, Weavrs, on the net - and they're exploring the swamp beneath the uncanny valley.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Andy Hobsbawn – a Facebook for objects


    What if every object had its own online identity? How could that change our relationship with possessions, and change the way we understand the physical world? Andy Hobsbawm has some ideas.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Paul Sims – new audiences in new contexts


    Start-up thinking can be applied to big organisations, says Paul Sims of Made by Many. But that means a whole new relationship between agencies and clients…

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Alexander Baumgardt – Strategy is a service!


    From the Art of War to the art of strategy - how can service design inform strategy and solve the biggest management challenges of this decade?

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Pia Betton – Service Design: buzzword or magic method?


    Is Service Design always the answer? When should you use it - and when should you walk away? Pia Betton has some good examples of how - and how not - to use these tools.

    By Adam Tinworth