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  • Start-up Pitch 2013. Application about to open.


    After the great success of last years' NEXT Start-up Pitches, we're again looking for the hottest start-up of 2013. The application phase will start next week. Stay tuned!

    By Julian Hinz

  • The seductive, dangerous illusions of Big Data


    Big Data is a powerful tool. But if we lose sight of the human beings that underlie it, we run the risk of making inhuman decisions.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Web observatories: they’re watching – but who benefits?


    Could Big Data be used to manipulate online discussion and shape society? Perhaps…

    By Adam Tinworth

  • NEXT13: International keynote speakers to come!


    THE NEXT13 line up gets better and better! More international keynote speakers sign up as this agenda-setting conference for the digital economy draws nearer

    By Ina Feistritzer

  • Digital people to watch in 2013!


    NEXT Berlin is looking for the NEXT 100, the one hundred most influential people in Europe’s digital industry. Nominate your favorite digital agenda-setters and vote for them. And meet the jury members, who will have the final say on the NEXT 100.

    By Julian Hinz

  • How fragile is our web?


    The web is slowly being eroded by link rot - or, at least, sits history is. Is enough being done to preserve the internet's past?

    By Adam Tinworth

  • NEXT 100 – Nominate and vote for your top digital trendsetters!


    Who's leading the way in 2013? Who are top influencers of the European digital industry? Nominate your favorite innovators and vote for them!

    By Marina Lenz

  • Harper Reed, Neelie Kroes and Bryce Roberts to speak at NEXT13


    Today we'd like to reveal the first top speakers to be at NEXT13: Harper Reed, Neelie Kroes and Bryce Roberts!

    By Marina Lenz

  • Do you own data about yourself?


    What's the point in quantifying yourself if you can't get hold of the data you produce? Data ownership: here be dragons…

    By Adam Tinworth

  • NEXT13: Here be Dragons


    NEXT has always been about what’s next, about trends the digital industry should closely watch in the near future, within a timeframe of 12 to 36 months. For the 2013 event, we have spotted the four key areas to cover. All of them have one thing in common: they are largely uncharted territory. Here be Dragons.

    By Martin Recke

  • Happy New Year!


    2013 is here - and we hope you have a great year.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Wishing you a techie little Christmas


    What sort of gadgets did Father Christmas bring this year? Looks like it was tablets all the way…

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Carpooling: the slow lane to success


    Carpooling.com has taken on new funding, is adding features to its platform, and growing revenue. The latest hot start-up? Uh, no. They've been doing this for 10 years…

    By Adam Tinworth

  • MusicPlayr: music for the online generation


    One Berlin-based start-up is trying to rethink the way we discover, gather and share music. If you want to know why what they're doing makes perfect sense - look at the way children watch cartoons.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Here be dragons: the drone army


    Drones are finding their way from military to civilian use - and are creating a whole new set of eyes in the sky. Are we ready for the privacy implications of widespread done use?

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Here be dragons: the corporate community trap


    As the big social networks start tussling for turf - are they starting to behave like the corporate titans of old?

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Is retail’s future shops without tills?


    PayPal Local is another example of a payment system that doesn't need you to go to a payment point. Could mobile phones reshape the way we design stores?

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Coming NEXT: cameras rewriting your brain, and disruption dissected


    Five great links from around the internet, ovine everything from local hydropower, to the best place to write, and some proof that 3D printing is hitting the mainstream…

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Here be dragons: The Platform Paradox


    The scuffle between Twitter and its customer PeopleBrowsr in the courts is a stark reminder that the "platforms" of today's social networking are only platforms for as long as it suits them.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Coming NEXT: 3D busts, content in context and a book vending machine


    Five more cool and interesting things from around the internet to keep you entertained on this autumnal Saturday morning…

    By Adam Tinworth

  • NEXT Berlin on Google+


    Now you can follow all the latest from NEXT Berlin on Google's social network: Google+

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Ticket Pre-Registration Started Today


    The ticket pre-registration for NEXT Berlin 2013 started today. Numbers are strictly limited, so reserve your seat now and secure your early booking discount!

    By Marina Lenz

  • Coming NEXT: cool things from around the web


    From miniature 3D self-portraits to a static bike that charges your iPhone - five new ideas from around the web.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Here be dragons


    Is this a warning, or an invitation? It's all in the point of view…

    By Adam Tinworth