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We feel it is time to step out of our daily routines and catch fire for some new ideas. As strategists, designers, business owners, marketers and citizens of the world, we understand there are many burning tasks big and small that warrant our attention. Reflecting this, NEXT introduced a new format in spring 2020: Our online live show What’s NEXT. Below you can browse through all previous episodes. Stay tuned for future events!


Our show features some of the best NEXT speakers and thinkers we know. This entertaining format with online talks and conversations is brought to you by our favourite keynote speaker David Mattin, our fantastic conference curator Monique van Dusseldorp and NEXT Chief Editor Ina Feistritzer.

June 23rd: Amy Webb live today!

We are about to go live with our final episode of the second season WHAT’S NEXT! Futurist Amy Webb is joining us from the US to explain how today’s strategy influences tomorrow’s success. She helps CEOs of the world’s top companies and intergovernmental organisations to make better decisions and plan for complex futures. The show starts today, June 23rd, at 5 pm (CEST).

Please click the button below to get to the show landing page at TwentyThree directly. The content is best experienced through the Google Chrome browser and without using an ad blocker.

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We cannot believe it has been a year already since we started streaming into your homes and (home) offices! After welcoming many fascinating guests from all over the world, we are now taking a summer break. You can check out all episodes of the show below!

We will be back. Stay tuned and sign up below to stay in the loop about all future events!

June 23rd: Amy Webb

The last guest on the show before we head into a summer break, will be futurist Amy Webb. She advises CEOs of the world’s most-admired companies, three-star admirals and generals, and the senior leadership of central banks and intergovernmental organizations. Catch the founder of the Future Today Institute live on June 23rd, 2021 at 5 pm (CEST)!

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